The “Lowest Prices Guarantee” is Officeworks’ most familiar tagline and their main sales pitch to consumers – you’ll see it all over their TV commercials, newspaper ads and letterbox stuffers, on billboards and in stores.  Officeworks proclaims to have the lowest prices on all their products, every day. 

However, a bit of shopping around will reveal that, on a number of their products, this claim simply isn’t true. Compare the prices of our HP printer ink and toner cartridges to Officeworks – we’re between 27% and 61% cheaper than they are.

Officeworks are able to get away with this claim by publishing a price guarantee – if you find a cheaper advertised price on an identical stocked item, they’ll not only match it, but beat it by 5%.

Here’s what you might not have noticed. Their guarantee only applies to identical stocked items. In our case, the guarantee does not apply, because we don’t hold any items in stock. Rather, our suppliers ship direct to you from warehouses located in every mainland state. This is the reason we’re able to offer such great prices, and why Officeworks refuses to match them.

So, read the fine print, shop around and don’t automatically assume the store with the “price guarantee” will always provide you with the lowest prices. At Axia Office, we’re committed to offering the best everyday pricing across our range of toner and ink cartridges and other printer consumables.  

Order your HP toner cartridges from us at price that Officeworks just can’t beat. If the toner you need isn’t listed below, or you want to check out our prices for any of the other leading brands, click on our easy to use toner and ink finder now.


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