Print-Rite Remanufactured Cartridges are the way to go – Says the Central Government of China

In February the Central government of China implemented a policy for the use of aftermarket printer suppliers as its designated source of printer supplies. Only 4 companies have been selected to have the desired quality – one of which is Print-Rite. The government sector in China have been using Print-Rite since 2010, however it’s new policy states that government buyers are to purchase aftermarket supplies and only buy the original cartridges when the remanufactured cartridges are not available.

We think this is a smart move – not only are Print-Rites 30% cheaper than original cartridges, they come with a guarantee & are manufactured to the highest quality, meeting and sometimes even exceeding the original manufacturers specifications – any difference in the print quality is difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Axia Office has been selling Print-Rite cartridges for 6 years; they've proved to be as reliable as original cartridges.

Print-Rites are also better for the environment. They are usually made from recycled original manufacturer cartridges with any worn parts replaced and toner refilled, thereby reducing landfill & the use of environmentally harmful materials.


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