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Intimus is an innovative leader when it comes to its range of Paper Shredders. They’re known for their reliability, high operating efficiency and user-friendliness. Their list of benefits includes:

High Performance – all the components of an Intimus Paper Shredder ensure an extremely high performance across the life of the machine.

Ease of Use - Intimus PRO shredders are supported by i-control ®, the heart of the technical concept, that controls the shredder's functions and provides a visual information centre that’s simple to use.

Silent Operation - Document shredding has never been so quiet. Your data shredder needs to be within easy access for all staff members, and the last thing you need is a shredder that’s going to disrupt productivity. That’s why the Intimus PRO data shredder series features Silentec ®, a completely new design of the bearing of the cutting head that results in maximum absorption of the vibrations generated during shredding

Material Segregation - Intimus PRO data shredders can shred paper, CDs, plastic cards or diskettes. By means of 2 x 2 cut & collect, both types of shredded material are kept completely separate, helping you dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly way.

Energy Management - Intimus PRO data shredders are equipped with the EcoLogic energy management system as a standard feature. Time-responsive electronics put the shredder into “sleep mode” after it has been idle for some time, automatically reducing its power usage to zero.

Optimal Efficiency –pushing your machine beyond its limits can end badly. That’s why the Intimus PRO data shredder series, from model 45 upwards, guards against this situation with the Dynamic-Load-Sensor (DLS). DLS detects the paper volume as it is fed into the cutting unit and lets you know, via a light strip, if you’re overloading the machine.