Unlimited Print Plan

An industry first, Axia's Unlimited Print Plan means exactly what it says: print as much as you like, all for just one low monthly flat rate, including hardware, toner & service.

Enjoy peace of mind from a predictable monthly printing bill – NO cost per page, NO fixed volume, NO monitoring and NO surprises.

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Unlimited Photocopier Leasing Plan

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Some of the Aussie businesses we've helped save time and money

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Customer Success Stories

Aged care

Leading Sydney Aged Care Facility Group saves tens of thousands of dollars with free Print Health Check & Unlimited Print Plan

While conducting a free print health check for a group of 14 Aged Care Facilities in NSW, Axia discovered they had 111 machines, consisting of 5 different brands and 36 different models.

In addition to reducing their monthly spend, Axia was successful in decreasing the number of machines, minimising the variety of models, and streamlining the billing and management process for all facilities by providing them with an Unlimited Print Plan. The client now has a single, flat rate monthly cost and invoice per facility, making it easy to track and forecast print expenditure across the entire business.

Real Estate Agency

Axia's Unlimited Print Plan transforms Real Estate Agency in Sydney

With 4 locations and multiple printers under a Managed Print Services Agreement, a real estate agency on Sydney's North Shore sought a more efficient solution.

After a thorough print health check by an Axia account manager, the agency embraced the flat rate Unlimited Print Plan. All old equipment was replaced with brand new, award-winning Canon devices that are remotely tracked and receive timely toner replenishments.

The results included a 24% reduction in monthly print-related expenses and saving valuable admin time, allowing the agency to reallocate their resources, time and money to business growth initiatives instead.

Law Firm

Axia's Unlimited Print Plan proves to be a valuable solution for prominent Sydney Law Firm

A leading Sydney law firm adopted the Unlimited Print Plan to benefit from a predictable, flat rate monthly bill. With a flat monthly rate, they can now accurately budget and forecast their print expenses, leading to improved financial planning and business operations.

Axia's plan covered over 30 machines under a single monthly invoice, with comprehensive support and toner monitoring to prevent any interruptions in their operations. Also, the consolidated billing simplified the administrative process, as they no longer needed to deal with multiple vendors, multiple invoices or complicated billing structures for each machine.


Top Sydney Childcare Centres streamline operations with Axia’s Unlimited Print Plan

A group of 8 Sydney childcare centres had different finance contracts for each location, with different costs and end dates, and spikes in volume making budget forecasting difficult.

Axia's Unlimited Print Plan resolved the issue, with just 1 contract and 1 streamlined flat rate invoice, inclusive of equipment, toners, and parts & labour for any service calls.

The outcome was a 15% reduction in the client's monthly spend, saving $11,500 per year, and 100% accurate budgeting, while also contributing to food-insecure Aussies through Foodbank, one of Axia's charity partners.

Award-Winning Photocopiers & Printers for Lease

Axia Office offers a wide range of A3, A4, black-and-white, and colour photocopiers and multifunction printers from multiple industry-leading brands to suit every business requirement

Award Winning Brands

Canon Copiers & Canon Printers

Canon is the world’s leading imaging organisation, offering copiers and printers with cutting-edge technology that enhances productivity and offers comprehensive solutions.

Award Winning Brands

Sharp Copiers & Sharp Printers

Axia Office has been a Sharp dealer for over 20 years. Sharp's range is multi-award winning and often independently rated the best photocopiers and printers in the market

Award Winning Brands

Epson Copiers & Epson Printers

Epson is the industry leader in inkjet technology, which provides exceptional print-quality and speed while also being eco-friendly

Whether you're thinking of Renting, Leasing, Buying or Upgrading your multifunction printer or photocopier

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For over 25 years, Axia Office has helped thousands of Sydney businesses save time and money – and with the best brands, and plans and finance options customised to suit your needs, we have no doubt that we can help you too.

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