business printers and copiers

Any organisation with large scale printing requirements would agree that if left unaddressed, printing bills can quickly get out of hand and negatively impact a business. Although there are a number of ways to reduce printing costs while meeting quality and volume requirements, it takes a combination of these practices to truly improve efficiency. As a print solutions company, Axia Office is always on hand to provide customers with recommendations on how to make business printers and copiers more efficient.

Avoid Colour Prints 

Ensuring that the default setting of every printer in your organisation is set to black and white is a good way to prevent wasteful colour prints which cost significantly more. Even a small reduction in colour print pages could lead to a marked decrease in printing bills. 

Double Sided Printing

Double sided printing is by far the most effective way to reduce paper usage. Most printers allow users to choose double sided printing as the default setting. 

Use the Print Review Function

Documents with a large number of pages and formatting may sometimes contain typing and formatting errors that are only noticed once the pages have been printed. Axia Office recommends using the print review function to spot layout and typing issues to avoid having to reprint.

Smaller Print Margins 

Reducing the margins on a page means that more words can be printed on each page, with fewer blank spaces along the sides. Printing with smaller margins is often preferred for internal documents and can lower paper usage by 30%.

Hire a Business Print Solution Company

If you’re looking for innovative solutions to reduce print costs, there is no better choice than hiring a print solutions company like Axia Office. We specialise in comprehensive print management solutions that prioritise print cost reduction, workflow efficiency and document security. 

If your organisation relies on a large number of business printers and copiers, we recommend opting for managed print services that can be tailored to your needs for a reasonable monthly fee. 

As a pioneer in the business print solution industry, we offer an unprecedented Unlimited Print Plan that includes hardware, consumables, software, tracking and monitoring, and more, all for one low flat monthly cost. 

Reduce Business Printing Costs With Unlimited Print Plans

Save money and improve your organisation’s workflow with innovative managed printing solutions that provide clients with world-class multifunction printers and a dedicated preventative maintenance team. Contact Axia Office today for business print solutions.