For several years now, the managed print industry has relied on 3 main plan types, none of which have had any significant updates: rentals, managed print and volume block plans.

All of these plans rely on a cost per mono (black & white) and colour page, so a monthly bill depends on how much printing the business has done. They all have their own advantages depending on the needs of the business; however, they all have a shared disadvantage — the potential for unexpectedly high bills.

In many ways, this is a similar problem that faced the telecom industry in how its plans used to be constructed. We used to pay per text, which then changed to unlimited texting; now we pay for data, which is also progressing to unlimited as well. I'm sure we all remember getting an unexpectedly high phone bill from too many calls/texts or too much data used!

By nature, print volumes are billed in arrears, so unless there is a meticulous staff member monitoring the usage throughout the month, businesses aren’t usually aware of exactly what they'll be charged until they've already done the volume and it’s too late.

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