1. Improved efficiency and cost savings with a Managed Print Plan for a medical practice in Sydney

    Another recent success story was with a medical practice in the North West of Sydney. They had 3 different locations and a multifunction printer/photocopier at each location under a managed print contract.

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  2. How Axia's Unlimited Print Plan Helped Top Childcare Centres in Sydney Avoid Unexpected Print Costs

    A recent success story with our new ‘Unlimited Volume Plan’ was a group of 8 childcare centres. Each location had different finance contracts for their print devices, with different costs and end dates.

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  3. Are Managed Print Services Worth It?

    Many print devices are acquired to satisfy a pressing need. More often than not the laser printer chosen is based on the initial cost, with no attention paid to the cost of replacing laser toner cartridges, even though they will quickly exceed the purchase price.

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