office photocopiers

Axia Office offers a wide range of leased photocopiers from industry leading brands such as Sharp. To help you choose the best office photocopier for your needs, our print management experts have put together a complete guide to the Sharp photocopiers that are available for lease as part of our managed print services.

Why Choose Sharp Photocopiers?

Sharp has been a prominent name in technology and innovation for several decades. At Axia Office, we recommend Sharp photocopiers and multifunction printers because of their reliability, ease of use, and quality, all of which they have won awards for from Keypoint Intelligence, the world’s leading independent authority for document imaging hardware, software and services.

Sharp has also won several noteworthy awards for the continuous research, development and innovation process that goes into designing and manufacturing their products. 

One unique advantage of Sharp photocopiers is that they come equipped with a number of native features that are usually optional extras with most other brands.

Wide Range of Sharp Photocopiers

At Axia Office, you can explore Sharp photocopiers of varying sizes depending on the size of your office and your print volume. Our range of office photocopiers and multifunction printers from Sharp also come with a number of innovative features depending on the model you choose. Some of these features include:

  • User-friendly interface so your equipment is easy to use and doesn’t require special training
  • Link to Mail Server and Cloud Services so you can email or upload your documents directly to your platform of choice
  • Direct printing and scanning via a standard USB connection so your documents can be easily transferred to and from your individual device
  • Various finishing options that help you get a high-quality finished product for those important meetings and presentations
  • Advanced security features such as anti-malware, whitelisting, self-recovery firmware and more to keep your data secure

Explore Leased Sharp Photocopier Options

With the managed print services from Axia Office, you have the advantage of choosing from a wide range of industry leading office photocopier brands. We offer access to various leased photocopiers from the award-winning electronics manufacturer, Sharp. No matter how big or small your photocopying and printing needs are, Sharp has a photocopier for you. Contact us on 02 9975 0888 to explore your leased photocopier options.