managed print services

With managed print services gaining high demand with most businesses and companies, you also see a sudden increase in the number of managed print service providers. Choosing the right print solutions company for your needs is important and this can be a difficult decision to make. The trusted print management specialists from Axia Office are here to offer advice on choosing the right print management services provider for your business and its unique requirements.

Access to Industry Leading Equipment & Unbiased Advice

Opt for a print solutions company that offers you access to leased photocopiers and multifunction printers from multiple industry leading brands. This will help ensure that you are getting reliable, state-of-the-art equipment that is sure to stand the test of time and support your business effectively. Founded in 1996, Axia Office is an authorised dealer for photocopiers and multifunction printers from brands such as Canon, Sharp and Epson. Also, as an independent dealer, Axia Office is able to offer you unbiased advice with respect to brand, whereas a manufacturer cannot since they’re tied to just their own brand.

Preventative Maintenance & Breakdown Services

Let’s face it: like all machines, your photocopiers will also eventually experience issues. Make sure your print management services plan includes preventative maintenance services. Most manufacturers and dealers simply respond to breakdown calls, only addressing problems after they occur. Axia Office prides itself on being one of the very few companies who offer true preventative maintenance. We program inspection intervals in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, and at each maintenance interval, our service technicians complete all checks and replace all parts in accordance with the manufacturer’s service manual, thereby addressing problems before they occur and helping to ensure that your leased photocopiers are always functioning at optimal levels. This, along with our fast breakdown services, ensures that your photocopiers and multifunction printers will experience minimal downtime and can efficiently support your core business responsibilities.

Transparent Monthly Costs

Rely on a print solutions company that provides you with a transparent and affordable monthly cost for their managed print services plans. At Axia Office, we offer a wide range of plans for you to choose from, including our industry-first Unlimited Print Plan, depending on your business needs and budget. Our monthly cost includes everything from leased photocopiers and consumables to reliable maintenance and breakdown services, as well as the payout of any existing leases or contracts.

Print Management Specialists

Perhaps the most crucial things to look for when choosing your ideal print solutions company is the expertise and knowledge you’re getting access to, as well as the reputation and longevity of the company. For over 25 years, Axia Office has been helping Sydney businesses reduce their print-related costs, increase productivity, and improve their user experience. Our team of print management specialists is always staying up to date with the latest trends in print management services in order to provide you with reliable and innovative recommendations.

Choose Your Print Management Experts

Axia Office has over 25 years of experience supporting Sydney businesses of all sizes with managed print services. We pride ourselves on providing you with comprehensive services that set your business up for success. Contact us on 02 9975 0888 and speak to one of our trusted print management specialists.