Purchasing a photocopier or multifunction printer for your office is a large upfront expense.

Renting and leasing tend to fall under the umbrella term in the industry called Managed Print Services. These services come in a variety of plans, where a monthly price covers the cost of the equipment, consumables, preventative maintenance, breakdown servicing, and the ongoing account management of your business's printing usage and needs.

Very few businesses in the Sydney metropolitan area purchase photocopiers and multifunction printers outright. Leasing a photocopier or multifunction printer eliminates the need for a large capital outlay, allowing you to retain funds for investment into the business. The small monthly payments are also tax deductible.

On this page, we'll cover everything you need to know about renting or leasing a photocopier for your business, including the benefits, brands we supply, our process and some frequently asked questions.

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Top 10 Benefits of Leasing or Renting a Machine Under a Managed Print Service:

  • Lower and improved costs: affordable monthly cost, no large capital outlay, tax advantages
  • You get equipment to suit your exact needs
  • You get award-winning devices with the latest technology, avoiding obsolescence
  • Printing becomes more reliable, with ongoing preventative maintenance & fast breakdown servicing that includes service, parts & labour
  • Toner is remotely monitored and delivered to you before a replacement is required
  • Printing costs are easy to track
  • Payout of existing contracts are included
  • You're able to improve productivity with document management, routing and storage
  • Benefit from professional advice on all things print-related
  • Frees up working capital, time and resources, allowing you to focus on your core business instead of managing office equipment
Photocopier Leasing in Sydney

Photocopier Brands for Rental/Lease

Axia Office offers a wide variety of photocopiers and multifunction printers from the leading brands in the industry to suit every business requirement

Canon Photocopiers for sale SydneyCanon Photocopiers for sale Sydney

Axia is one of the major dealerships of Canon photocopiers and printers in Sydney. Canon recently won the BLI 2022 A3 Line of the Year and the BLI 2020 Copier MFP Line of the Year awards from Keypoint Intelligence.

Canon photocopiers and printers are constantly being updated to provide cutting-edge solutions to business’s needs. For instance, with many companies scanning more and printing less, Canon’s DX (digital transformation) series put an emphasis on their updated document feeders and scanning units to be some of the fastest and most reliable in the industry.

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Sharp Photocopiers for sale SydneySharp Photocopiers for sale Sydney

For over 20 years Axia has recommended Sharp multifunction printers because of their reliability, ease of use, quality and continued innovation.

Sharp photocopiers and printers are highly reliable and have enhanced standard functions over many other brands. For example, the MX line includes a number of features often optional extras with other brands, such as Follow-Me print, link to cloud services and document OCR capability to turn your scans into editable files.

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Epson Photocopiers for sale SydneyEpson Photocopiers for sale Sydney

Epson is the industry leader in inkjet technology, which provided exceptional print-quality and speed while also being eco-friendly.

Unlike laser devices, they do not have to heat up toner to print and can therefore print at speeds in excess of 100 pages per minute with ease. This also means there is far less heat radiation and energy used by their products, making Epson a great choice for any business looking to reduce their eco footprint.

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Our Photocopier Lease and Rental Process

1. Review

An Axia account manager will contact you to find out more about your print and business requirements, as well as review your current equipment, usage, and costs.

Your account manager may visit your business for a site visit with one of your staff to view all printing devices used, where they're located, the staff who use them & how they are being used (e.g. larger or smaller print jobs, colour documents, how documents are scanned, etc.).

2. Analysis

We’ll calculate the true operating cost of printing to your business, what finance options would work best, and any payouts that we need to include.

To complete this task accurately, we'll need help from your accounts staff: usage reports will be needed from each machine to calculate how many pages are printed, copied and scanned; and for equipment already under a service plan/agreement, we'll need to review those contracts plus at least 3 recent monthly invoices.

3. Solution

We'll submit a detailed report of our findings for your review; once you've approved our findings, we'll submit our customised and complete proposal, including brand new equipment, finance options and service – all compared to your current costs.

When you're ready to implement the plan, we'll set up all devices and users, including delivery, installation and training.

4. Monitoring

Your toner will be remotely monitored and delivered prior to your needing it, and you'll receive fast, ongoing support and scheduled preventative maintenance throughout the duration of the agreement.

Your account manager will continue to regularly review your account and work with you to identify opportunities to reduce costs and add value to your business — leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Photocopier Leasing Plans Available

There are a range of available plans that deliver managed print services. These are all leasing, renting and equipment hiring type arrangements.

All plans include Axia’s efficient management of toner supply by remote tracking of levels, preventative servicing and fast breakdown maintenance. Each plan has certain features that may be of more benefit for one business over another.

Finance Options

Managed Print Services A Managed Print Plan is the only finance option that offers true transparency on your actual print costs, as well as the flexibility to add equipment on a term-reducing plan. Find out more

Finance Options

Rental Plan Previously the most common type of plan in the industry, a Rental Plan separates the ongoing cost of the equipment from the cost per page for service and consumables. Find out more

Finance Options

Unlimited Print Plan Axia’s industry-first initiative offering unlimited mono (black & white) and colour printing for an agreed monthly price – no cost per page, no minimum monthly volumes, and no surprises on your bill. Find out more

Finance Options

Month-to-Month Plans An arrangement where there is minimum 3 month lock-in contract, after which payments are then made on a month-to-month basis.

Photocopier Frequently Asked Questions
Is it better to lease or buy a photocopier?

Renting or leasing a copier is much more budget-friendly and allows you to make smaller payments spread out over time. This is really helpful if you have a steady cash flow, but not enough money budgeted to justify the upfront cost of buying a copier. These plans also give you access to high end machines that would otherwise be out of budget as an upfront cost to the business. If you require the latest technology or a top-of-the-line multifunction copier for your business, managed print service plans may put those options within your budget, and allow you to upgrade when you need to. The main benefit to purchasing your multifunction copier is that you are not paying any interest to a third-party renting the photocopier to you. When purchasing a photocopier be sure to still put the device under a maintenance plan. This ensures the machine is covered by a warranty and the supplier will take care of any breakdowns. Not putting the copier under a maintenance plan is highly risky. Replacement parts are very expensive as are call out service fees. And without preventative maintenance the print quality will deteriorate and the machine will need to be replaced before the end of its effective life.

What type of copier rental agreements do you have?

There are a range of plans available which deliver managed print services. These are all leasing, renting and equipment hiring type arrangements. All plans include Axia’s efficient management of toner supply by remote toner level tracking, preventative servicing and fast breakdown maintenance. Each have certain features that may be of more benefit for one business over another. To read more about our range of <a href="https://www.axiaoffice.com.au/managed-print-services">managed print services</a> plans

What does your photocopier rental program include?

Our photocopier rental services include the copier itself, along with toner/ink refills, preventative servicing, breakdown maintenance & repair, and training on how to operate the devices.

If we need service, how fast will your technician respond to our problem?

Our preventative maintenance program means most of our service calls are scheduled routine maintenance calls. This results in fewer breakdowns and allows us to prioritise breakdown calls and keep our completion time to an average of less than 4 hours.

If our copy usage exceeds our copier, can we upgrade?

Yes, we will be able to upgrade copiers at your request and adjust prices if needed. The wide range of products at Axia will make sure that you will find a copier that fits your needs.

How soon can I expect my copier(s) once I’ve decided what I need?

Once you have placed your order  the equipment will be installed, operating and staff fully trained within 10 business days.

Can I hire copiers or printers for construction, engineering, building projects, sites and centres?

Yes, we provide copiers and printers for hire for construction, engineering, and building projects, as well as for temporary sites and centers. For construction site we typically recommend a refurbished photocopier as they are likely to get more ware as apposed to in an office environment. We can also tailor the hire period to the length of the expected construction time.

Do you service rented machines? Are repairs, maintenance, and refills included in the cost of my rental?

Yes, repairs, maintenance, and ink refills are all included in the cost of all our rental packages. That way, you don’t need to worry about your printer breaking down or needing a part replaced. Just call us and a technician will be there shortly to service your machine.

Do you help with installation?

Yes, all the delivery and installation costs will be included in your plan.  If you have an IT person please ensure they are available on the day of installation as our technicians may need to discuss network access . Staff who need print drivers set up on  their laptops will need to on site on the day of install.

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver all Sydney metro areas.

How long is a typical service contract for a printer-photocopier?

Managed print service plans typically go for 60 months (5 years). This is because we install all devices with a 5-year warranty  which is their minimum effective life. Shorter contracts are available, however the monthly cost increases the shorter the term.

What happens if my rental breaks down? Is it still covered under warranty?

Yes, your managed print service plan covers you for all the parts required for a breakdown. In the very rare event that your machine cannot be fixed by replacement parts we will replace the device for you.

Which photocopier brands are available to rent?

We carry a wide range of photocopiers and printers from well-known industry leaders like Canon, Sharp, and Epson.

What to consider when leasing a photocopier?

When you buy or lease a photocopier, you want something that is going to make the workplace more efficient yet not break the budget. The cost of a copier consists of five different parts: usage, speed, features, service/maintenance, and whether new or refurbished. For a full breakdown of things to consider when leasing a copier, read our article on ‘How much does it cost to rent a Copier’


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Award-Winning Photocopiers for Sale

Axia Office offers a wide range of A3, A4, black-and-white, and colour photocopiers and multifunction printers from multiple industry-leading brands to suit every business requirement

Canon Photocopier

Canon is the world’s leading imaging organisation, with cutting-edge technology that enhances productivity and offers comprehensive solutions

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Sharp Photocopier

Axia has been a Sharp dealer for over 20 years. Sharp's range is multi-award winning and often independently rated the best in the market

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Epson Photocopier

Epson is the industry leader in inkjet technology, which provides exceptional print-quality and speed while also being eco-friendly

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