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Canon is the world’s leading imaging organisation, with imaginative ideas that enable people to connect, communicate & achieve more than thought possible.

Why Canon?

Canon most recently claimed the BLI 2022 A3 Line of the Year & Most Reliable A3 Brand Awards, the BLI 2021 A4 Line of the Year Award, and also the BLI 2020 Copier MFP Line of the Year Award from Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Laboratory, the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware, software and services.

Axia Office


"When it comes to reliability and usability, Canon’s copier MFP line is the standard bearer in the industry.” — George Mikolay, Keypoint Intelligence’s Associate Director of Copier MFP/Production Analysis

"We tacked on more than two million impressions on Canon’s copier engines this year and experienced just three misfeeds, which is simply outstanding and unmatched by any other vendor. Easy maintenance procedures and proactive device management help to further ensure that the products remain up and running. Plus, the models are so easy to use, with universal capabilities and features across the entire line. The photocopiers well-designed touchscreen can be customized in many ways, all to suit individual users’ preferences. It’s also simple for users to pair their mobile devices with the MFP for printing and scanning." — Keypoint Intelligence

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Canon Photocopiers Sydney

Axia Office is one of the major dealerships of Canon photocopiers and printers in Sydney. We consistently meet with Canon’s team for in-depth training on their hardware and software. Pricebooks are updated regularly and we're notified immediately of any changes. New models and lines are shown to the Axia team before being released to the Sydney market, so you can rest assured you'll always get the most up-to-date technology at great value pricing.

Canon Copier and Printer Leasing

Canon photocopier leases and rentals are the preferred option for most businesses when sourcing new multifunction print equipment.

Lease and rental finance options require no capital outlay, allowing the business to retain cash to invest elsewhere.


For most businesses, financing photocopiers and printers is often the better decision over buying. For example, if a new colour photocopier costs $10,000, it's more effective for to pay for this over time, at let’s say $250/month, making the $10,000 available to invest in marketing, sales or improving on areas which will lead to growing the company's profits.

Financing photocopiers is also more beneficial than purchasing due to the rapid advancement of technology. While a photocopier may be leased for up to 5 years, new technology may be out in 3 years, in which case early upgrades are often available at no additional cost. Businesses that purchase equipment tend to hold on to them for too long and miss out on technological advancements that can be making their business more efficient and more profitable.

Any SMB or larger company benefits from this financing process. The more a business needs in terms of printer or photocopier requirements (number of machines, speeds, functionality, etc.), the more the capital outlay would be — and for most businesses, there's more benefit in reinvesting that cost into the business by leasing or renting a photocopier over a period of time instead of purchasing it outright.

Axia Office offers a number of finance options which you can read more about here.

Canon Managed Print Service

Axia Office provides businesses in the Sydney metro area with Canon managed print services that are tailored to meet their specific needs, including: 

  • A dedicated account manager that will review the placement of printers and staff printing behaviour to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current fleet, as well as take the time to understand your future plans and requirements
  • A calculation of the true operating cost of printing to your business, what finance options would work best, and any payouts that we need to include
  • Upgrades to the most recent, award-winning Canon multifunction copiers and printers
  • The best photocopier finance option suited to your situation
  • Remote monitoring and delivery of inks and toners prior to needing them
  • Ongoing and fast preventative servicing and breakdown maintenance

Managed Print Services Process


1. ReviewOf your current equipment, usage and costs by one of our experienced Account Managers


3. SolutionYou’ll be presented with a customised and complete proposal, including finance options, brand new equipment and service – all compared to your current costs


5. DonationOur clients enable us to support the local community. For every deal signed, Axia donates to our partner charities – Foodbank NSW & ACT, Rural Aid Australia or RSPCA NSW – the choice is yours


2. AnalysisBy your Account Manager to calculate the total operating cost of your current print platform


4. ImplementationWe'll will set up all devices, train users, and you’ll receive fast, ongoing support, reliable toner delivery, and scheduled preventative maintenance throughout


6. MonitoringOur constant monitoring ensures we quickly recognise when your needs change and when there are opportunities to achieve further cost savings

better service. better quality. better value.

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Improved cost efficienciesAn agreed cost per mono (black & white) and colour page across all print devices that:

  • delivers cost savings ranging from 10 to 40%
  • assists in budgeting and allocation of costs to the appropriate business unit
  • eliminates dealing with multiple vendors; a single point of contact improves communication and accountability
  • removes the responsibility of managing your print platform, leaving you free to concentrate on your business

Equipment to suit your exact needsAs an independent dealer, our unbiased advice and our choice of the leading brands, including Canon, Sharp & Epson, ensures that you get upgraded to the most suitable new multifunction photocopiers and desktop laser printers in the right places, increasing both productivity and user satisfaction

Print Plans & Other Solutions


Unlimited Print PlanAxia Office is proud to be the first company in the industry to offer a plan that gives you unlimited black & white and colour prints at an agreed-upon monthly fee. With an Unlimited Print Plan, there's no cost per page, no minimum monthly volume, and no surprises on your monthly bill.


Managed Print PlanThe only plan that offers true transparency on your actual print costs, a Managed Print Plan delivers an agreed cost per mono and colour page across all print devices & offers the flexibility to add new print devices or vary volumes. If print usage is higher than expected, the term is reduced, which offers the opportunity for an earlier upgrade.


Copier Rental/LeaseThe traditional photocopier rental/photocopier lease agreement includes a fixed monthly charge on a fixed term, and service billed for pages used.

Canon Service and Support

Canon is continually updating its product lines to increase their serviceability and increase uptime for the end user


ServiceabilityThe maintenance of Canon equipment has been made much easier. Screwless parts enable a reduced service time designed to give more uptime for the customer, and on-screen videos can also guide users to quickly fix issues themselves without having to wait for a technician

Axia Office services all Canon photocopiers and printers under a preventative maintenance schedule, which ensures high quality prints and copies throughout its effective life and reduces equipment downtime. At each maintenance interval, our service technicians complete all checks and replace all parts in accordance with the manufacturer’s service manual, thereby addressing problems before they occur.

Our servicing of the equipment ensures all our Canon equipment has a 5-year warranty. We also remotely track usage and toner levels, sending toner before it is required.


Canon Copiers and Printers for Business

Canon photocopiers and printers are constantly being updated to provide cutting edge solutions to businesses needs

For instance, with many companies scanning more and printing less, Canon’s DX (digital transformation) series put an emphasis on their updated document feeders and scanning units to be some of the fastest and most reliable in the industry. Combining this with their uniFLOW software, businesses can easily get a handle on their document management, setting up templates for scanned files to be automatically named and directed into the correct folder.


Canon Copiers and Printers offer the following Benefits


Advanced scanning technologyDramatically reduce time spent naming and saving scanned files to your cloud storage service*


Hot FoldersAllow users to drag and drop a file into a hot folder and automatically print with pre-defined settings such as number of copies and finishing requirements


Scan and convert documentsTo searchable digital files in a variety of file formats


SecuritySecurity Information and Event Management (SIEM) system integration helps provide real-time insights into potential threats to the network and printers.


Manage printBy applying print policies and monitoring output

Canon Copiers and Printers for Large Businesses

Canon Copiers and Printers for Small & Medium Businesses