Preventative Maintenance to Extend the Life Cycle of a Photocopier


A preventative maintenance program is important for the life cycle of a photocopier or multifunction printer. It helps to ensure that your machine is running smoothly with consistent high-quality output, and that any potential problems are identified and addressed before they become bigger issues.

Some key tasks included in a Preventative Maintenance Program for photocopiers are:

- Regular cleaning of the machine, including the scanner and printer heads

- Replacement of filters and other consumable parts as needed

- Checking all electrical connections and components

- Periodic testing of all functions

- Visual inspections for any physical damage or wear and tear

By following a preventative maintenance program, you'll prolong the life of your photocopier and keep it running efficiently for many years to come.

Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance for your photocopier works similarly to car servicing: if you take your car in to get its brakes fixed, the mechanic will only fix your brakes, and you may be back a month later to fix something else; but, if you take your car in for its regular services, i.e. 100,000km service, the mechanic is going to look over everything and preventatively maintain your vehicle to prevent it from needing another or more major service sooner.

At Axia Office, our service engineers complete all checks and replace all parts at each volume interval in accordance with the manufacturer’s service manual. This approach maintains high quality prints throughout the life of the copier, reduces the inconvenience of breakdowns by addressing problems before they occur, and extends the effective life of the photocopier.

However, most of our competitors only replace parts when they fail. This corrective approach progressively reduces print quality, increases down time, and often reduces the life span of the photocopier.

The images below show the difference the two programs have on print quality over the life of a multifunction printer:

Corrective Maintenance (Industry Standard)

Corrective Maintenance Industry Standard

Preventative Maintenance (Axia Standard)

Preventative Maintenance Axia Standard

Axia's preventative maintenance program also allows us to prioritise breakdown calls. For example, if clients A, B & C have preventative service calls booked, an emergency call will "jump the queue" for priority service because the preventative calls are not urgent.

For over 25 years, Axia Office has serviced all photocopiers and printers under Managed Print agreements with us this way, and our clients can also see the benefits of preventative maintenance as evidenced by our 90+% retention rate.

Axia’s Managed Print Services that include Preventative Maintenance:

Unlimited Print Plan:

Enjoy peace of mind from a flat-rate monthly printing bill with Axia’s Unlimited Print Plan.

It has all the benefits of a traditional Managed Print Plan, but with no cost per page, no fixed volume, and no surprises on your bill, you can print as much as you like, in black and white or colour, and enjoy peace of mind from a predictable monthly bill.

Managed Print Plans:

With Managed Print Plans, we manage our clients’ entire print infrastructure, including ordering and replenishing supplies, preventative maintenance and breakdown repairs, and monitoring usage to identify any opportunity to reduce costs or improve efficiency.

Copier Lease:

Alternatively you can lease a photocopier from us for a monthly rental and a service fee for the number of pages printed/copied each month and for service, parts and toner.

Contact us today and one of our account managers will complete a FREE review of your multifunction printer or photocopier equipment, as well as an analysis of your usage and print costs.