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Choosing the right office photocopier or multifunction printer for your SMB may seem like a quick decision, but getting the best solution for your budget and your future business growth makes it important to consider the various options available. Luckily, the Axia Office team are photocopier rental experts. We've done all the hard work for you and gathered all the information you’ll need to find the best digital photocopier for you below.

There are many reasons why you might want to shop around for your copier or printer lease. With growing demands and expectations for copiers to provide more functions, it's crucial to choose a model that meets your needs and has the longevity to suit your business for years to come.

Whether your requirements are fast print speeds, mobile compatibility, links to cloud services, or an additional layer of security, there are many features to consider when choosing a copier. At Axia Office, we take the time to identify your business's exact needs and goals in order to identify the office multifunction copier that best suits your needs.

Below is a comprehensive guide to everything you’ll need to know to choose the right photocopier for your business – from the top features to consider when picking your digital copier, to the #1 brands in Australia today, we've covered all the details to make shopping for your next photocopier easier.


Features to consider when shopping for the best office copiers

The features of a digital photocopier are one of the first things to consider when deciding what best suits your needs , along with your budget. Many digital copiers offer a range of different, unique features that can benefit SMBs or large businesses, but it's important to think about which specific features would help your business the most. Some of the top features you should consider when shopping for the best digital copiers include:

Link to cloud services

Many modern copiers can link directly to cloud services, allowing easy access to networks and documents for printing. Businesses that frequently use Dropbox, Google Drive, and similar platforms, may find the cloud helpful. It enables the whole team to print documents quickly and easily from a single shared location.

Multi-layered security

Security is a key concern for any technology brought into a business. Office multifunction printers and copiers are no exception, and multi-layered security is an essential priority for any printing that may involve private details, financial information, or brand secrets. A highly secure photocopier provides peace of mind while ensuring no one can access your device.

LCD touchscreen

The LCD touchscreen has become the standard for many digital office photocopiers for ease of use and practicality. LCDs provide ease of access and a clear and functional display. If you're keen to focus on user-friendliness, a crystal-clear display is a good start.

Wireless connection

Wireless connectivity is a handy feature for many photocopiers, providing flexibility where you place your machine without the need to move cables or adjust ethernet connections. Smaller photocopiers that can be moved easily benefit most from a wireless connection.

Direct printing and scanning with USB

If you don't want to boot up a laptop or sit at your desk to print every single time, a photocopier that includes direct scanning or printing might be the ideal choice. These printers have the option to scan directly onto a USB or print files off a drive, canceling the need for computer connectivity to get the job done.

Colour and output quality

If you want your photocopier to be high-functioning and high quality, opting for a digital copier that focuses on a high-quality output might be the ideal choice. If your prints need vibrant colour, or you want to ensure the presentation of letters is always professional, then investing in quality first is vital.

Photocopy speed

Speed is one of the most common requirements that SMBs have for photocopying, especially where large volumes of printing are required in a short amount of time. Depending on the demands of your business and the number of people printing, you'll want to choose a printer that ensures maximum productivity.

Optimal speed for small business: Small businesses can generally get optimal use out of a copier with an average speed of 25-45 pages per minute.

Optimal speed for medium-large businesses: Larger businesses may choose an office photocopier that offers speeds between 50-120 pages per minute. This accounts for the increased demand for daily tasks and a larger number of people using the copier.


Before considering the various features you'd like, it's essential to look at the budget you have to invest in your photocopier. The cost of digital copiers can vary dramatically depending on their functionality, features, and even brand choice, so it's worth considering what is reasonable. At Axia Office, we have over 25 years of experience to help guide you to make the right decision.


Multitasking is a valuable feature for any office equipment, and the photocopier is no exception. The ability to scan, fax, print and copy at the pace that a business requires should be considered. Some models may have more functionality than others whilst doing multiple things at once.

Mobile printing

If you like the idea of printing documents and files directly from a mobile device, then you'll want a mobile-friendly copier. Some office photocopiers come with apps or use default print settings to allow for mobile connectivity, making it easy to send files from anywhere in the office in seconds.

Equipment integration

Integration with other office equipment, whether tablets, desktops, or other technology, may be top of your list for digital photocopier features. You'll want to ensure your choice of copier works with the technology you already use in-house, unless you're planning to carry out a full internal update to support your new device.

Colour or Monochrome (black & white)

For some businesses, colour printing is a standard requirement. For others, costs can be cut by sticking with a monochrome, black and white printer with high-quality and faster output. Consider whether you require colour printing for your day-to-day requirements, or whether black and white would suffice for business purposes or be optimal for cost reasons.

Top office photocopier brands in Australia

When deciding on a copier, you’ll want to choose a company that aligns with your business needs and requirements. With ongoing maintenance and servicing required to keep copiers in top shape, choosing a brand recognised for reliability is always the best option.

Based on their records for servicing, maintenance, and spare parts, the top brands for photocopiers available in Australia today are:

Sharp copiers

A reliable and reputable copier company, Sharp copiers is an award-winning brand, with a wide range of different photocopiers available to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their products are used by companies across Australia and worldwide as a reliable option for copier leasing and ownership.

Canon copiers

As a household brand, you've likely already heard of Canon. Canon copiers offer superior reliability and usability for day-to-day office use with excellent precision and high-quality designs. Canon is often the preferred choice of copier for larger businesses in need of high levels of reliability and quality.

Epson copiers

As an industry leader in inkjet technology, Epson copiers offer a wide range of printers and copiers to suit workplaces across many different levels and individual requirements. As one of the top Australian brands, Epson copiers are a solid choice for any business looking to upgrade their photocopier rental agreement.

Compare Copier Quotes and Save

If you're considering upgrading your current office photocopier, deciding on the best option for your business is priority number one. It's important to look at the different choices available to determine the right course of action.

What are the options for photocopier finance? You have 1 of 3 choices available to you:

1. Buy outright and invest in a maintenance plan

Very few businesses choose this option, preferring to invest their capital into their business to maximise return on investment.

We find that businesses that do purchase their copier outright hold on to them for much longer than they should and end up missing opportunities to improve productivity and security with new technology features and also opportunities to reduce costs, as older machines are more expensive to run and maintain.

2. Opt for a photocopier lease with a reliable partner

Leasing through a reliable copier company is ideal for many Australian businesses. If you're expecting future growth or changes in requirements, leasing a photocopier gives you the freedom to update, upgrade and adapt, as and when needed. For a business that requires flexibility, leasing is a strong option.

3. Choose managed print services for peace of mind

Managed print services offer even more flexibility, making it simple to add new equipment to an existing contract. A managed printing service covers everything you need for printing, including consumables, part and servicing, allowing you to focus on your business instead.

At Axia Office, we also offer an Unlimited Print Plan, which gives you peace of mind from a predictable monthly printing bill. No cost per page, no fixed volume – print as much as you like. This option is only available at Axia Office for qualified Sydney-based businesses.

Contracts and customer service

Choosing a business that puts customer service first ensures you get everything you need for an even greater peace of mind. At Axia, our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers. You can rely on us to partner you with the right printer and copier finance for your business needs.

Repair costs

Are you concerned about repair costs? Having a maintenance and support plan ensures you have the support needed if your copier does break down.


Which copier brand is best?

The best copier brand for your business will depend entirely on your individual needs and goals. At Axia, we stock copiers from some of Australia's top brands, including Sharp, Epson and Canon. If you're looking for the best copier brand, we'd be happy to talk you about the ideal solution based on your unique business specifications and requirements.

How long should a copier last?

The average lifespan of a copier in modern workplaces is between 3-5 years. Regular preventative maintenance will ensure your photocopier will produce professional prints for its effective life. With photocopier leases and managed print services, you'll also be able to update to newer copiers, to ensure your demands are always met.

What is the best photocopier to buy?

The best photocopier to buy for your business is the model with the all the specifications for your individual needs and goals. Our team at Axia has extensive experience in all the different types and sizes of copiers, allowing us to advise you on the best option for your business requirements.

What is the best copy machine for small businesses?

You need a copy machine that offers efficiency and reliability for a small business, without blowing your budget. Our list below provides a selection of the top copy machines for small businesses. If you have more questions, our knowledgeable team at Axia can help answer them.

What is the difference between a photocopier and a printer?

A photocopier has added functionality beyond your standard office printer. While a printer can only offer printing in either black and white or colour, a multifunction photocopier has additional options. These can include scanning and copying of documents, USB or mobile printing, and in some cases, faxing.

How is a photocopier used in an office?

Photocopiers continue to be a vital tool in modern offices where other machines have become redundant. Photocopiers have dozens of uses, from sending invoices to faxing important information to branches overseas. Scanning, printing, and copying various sizes makes copiers a valuable necessity for many workplaces across Australia.

Top 10 office photocopiers for small businesses, 2021-2022*

  1. Sharp MX-2651 - Print speed 24 to 30ppm
  2. Sharp MX-3051 - Print speed 24 to 30ppm
  3. Sharp MX-3061 - Print speed 24 to 30ppm
  4. Sharp MX-4071 - Print speed 35 to 45 ppm
  5. Canon iR-ADV DX C3720i - Print speed 24 to 30ppm
  6. Canon iR-ADV DX 4725i - Print speed 24 to 30ppm
  7. Canon iR-ADV DX C3730i - Print speed 24 to 30ppm
  8. Canon iR-ADV DX 4735i - Print speed of 35 to 45 ppm
  9. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RTC
  10. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C529R


Top 10 office photocopiers for medium to large-sized businesses, 2021-2022*

  1. Canon iR-ADV DX 4751i - Print speed 50 to 75ppm
  2. Canon iR-ADV DX 6755i - Print speed 50 to 75ppm
  3. Canon iR-ADV DX C7770i - Print speed 50 to 75ppm
  4. Canon iR-ADV DX C5870i - Print speed 50 to 75ppm
  5. Canon iR-ADV DX 8705i - Print speed 80ppm to 120ppm
  6. Sharp MX-M6071 - Print speed 50 to 75ppm
  7. Sharp MX-M6570 - Print speed 50 to 75ppm
  8. Sharp MX-7580N - Print speed 50 to 75ppm
  9. Sharp MX-8090N - Print speed 80ppm to 120ppm
  10. Sharp MX-M1205 - Print speed 80ppm to 120ppm


*Contact us for an updated list for 2023*


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