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Wondering whether your office photocopier needs to be replaced? Axia Office understands that knowing exactly when to replace office photocopy machines can be a confusing decision to make. To help you make the right decision, our team of experts shares 5 reasons why you should replace your office photocopier.

#1: It No Longer Meets Your Needs

As your business evolves and grows in size, your needs will evolve as well. A larger business often means more employees using more resources such as office equipment. If your current office photocopier is causing a backlog or affecting your work because it can’t keep up with your increased print volume, it might be time to replace it.

#2: Its Features Are Outdated

If your photocopy machines are lacking new features or their features are outdated, it’s time to get new leased photocopiers. This is especially important if the outdated features of your office photocopier are affecting the machine’s efficiency or creating a data security risk. New photocopiers include updated features that enhance efficiency, security, sustainability, performance and lots more.

#3: It Breaks Down More Often

Your office photocopier is in need of replacement if it experiences frequent breakdowns and you spend most of your time and money getting it serviced. New photocopy machines, such as the ones included in Axia Office’s managed print services plans, are regularly maintained to prevent breakdowns. With a new leased photocopier, you can rely on your office equipment to do its job so you can focus on yours.

#4: It Costs More to Service

Manufacturers continually increase the costs of parts and toner as machines get older. These costs are passed on in the form of increased service and maintenance costs. After 5 years, the service and toner of your old photocopier could cost more than the lease and maintenance costs of a brand-new multifunction printer with updated features, technology and security.

#5: Its Parts Are No Longer Available

If the manufacturer of your office photocopier no longer produces parts for your machine, it’s definitely time to replace it. When a manufacturer stops producing parts for a machine, it means that machine is outdated. Your photocopy machine will become increasingly difficult and costly to repair, and will eventually become inefficient, causing more hassle for you and your business.

Upgrade Your Leased Photocopier Today

Do you think it’s time to replace your existing office photocopiers? Axia Office offers a wide range of managed print services that include cutting-edge photocopy machines from industry leading brands such as Canon and Sharp. Contact us today online or on 02 9975 0888 to explore our leased photocopier options.