print management services

Are you concerned about how much time and money your business is spending on printing and photocopying? The print management specialists at Axia Office have just the solution for you. Discover how our managed print services can save time and money for your business.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services, also known as print management, are comprehensive service plans where all of your business’s printing and photocopying needs are taken care of by an external print provider such as Axia Office. We offer a wide range of print management services that include everything from state-of-the-art leased photocopier equipment and consumables such as toner and ink, to preventative maintenance and monitoring.

Transparent & Affordable Monthly Costs

Axia Office offers traditional managed print services plans and our industry-first Unlimited Print Plan, both of which come at an affordable, tax-deductible monthly cost that is easy to track in your business’s cost and budgeting exercises. This payment covers all your photocopying and printing needs, leading to greater transparency into your true cost of print, which is often an unknown expense. Your monthly cost also includes the payout of any existing leases or contracts. Utilising managed print services for your business will create cost efficiencies, enable you to keep better track of your photocopying and printing expenses, and help you save money.

Usage & Wastage Monitoring

Professional print management services include a remote monitoring feature that regularly tracks your business’s print and leased photocopier usage and toner levels, allowing us to deliver toners prior to your needing them and eliminating the need for you to buy and store inventory. Our managed print services specialists will also regularly review your print usage and work with you to identify opportunities where you can reduce costs and add value to your business, as well as recommend ways to make your printing and photocopying more efficient and to reduce waste.

Professional Maintenance & Support

The monthly cost for your Axia Office managed print services also includes preventative maintenance and fast breakdown support. We conduct regular maintenance to ensure minimal breakdowns, so your office photocopier or multifunction printer is always at optimal performance. If your leased photocopier does break down, you can rely on our experienced technicians to take care of it in no time so you can focus on your business.

Save Time & Money with Our Print Management Services

The comprehensive print management services available at Axia Office come at an affordable monthly cost that includes everything from equipment and consumables to monitoring, regular maintenance, and breakdown support, and even the payout of your existing contract or lease. Let our team of trusted experts take care of all your printing and photocopying needs and save time and money for your business. Take advantage of having leased photocopiers and contact us today on 02 9975 0888.