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Managed print services have been supporting businesses of all sizes for many years now. With the evolution in technology, this industry has also evolved in terms of the print solutions available to businesses today. For the past 25 years, Axia Office has also adapted and evolved to provide print management services that match the changing business landscape. Our team of experts share how print management services have evolved over the years. 

The Unlimited Print Plan

Perhaps the most revolutionary change in the industry is the introduction of the Unlimited Print Plan. Axia Office can proudly say that it’s the first company in the industry to offer a plan that offers qualified Sydney-based businesses unlimited prints for a flat monthly fee. Our clients receive a predictable monthly bill and just one invoice that includes equipment hardware, toners, and parts and labour for any service calls. With no cost per page and no fixed or minimum volume, we've eliminated the risk of unexpectedly high bills, giving businesses peace of mind while also streamlining administration and making it easier to track and forecast expenses.

Improved Data Security

The technological revolution has helped make managed print services the preferred choice for most businesses. One of the main reasons for this is because of the enhanced data security that is built into print management solutions. Office photocopiers and multifunction printers come with added security features such as data and image encryption, encrypted secure print, network security and access control. No matter where you print from, these features ensure high levels of document and data protection from hackers and other potential IT threats. 

Shift Towards Greater Digitisation

The evolution of print management services is also driving a greater shift towards digitisation and sustainability. Axia Office’s managed print solutions include a monitoring service that helps you track usage and volume that makes you more aware of your printing practices. This in turn helps you identify areas where printing and paper use can be reduced, subsequently decreasing wastage and costs as well. Axia Office also offers various software solutions that provide additional features and functionality to help your business manage and streamline workflows.

Cutting-Edge Print Technologies

Office photocopiers now come with a host of cutting-edge features that offer benefits in a number of areas such as performance, sustainability, integration, IT security, cost control, serviceability and more. Industry leading brands, such as Canon copiers, have even adapted to the new hybrid and remote working model, ensuring the same level of security and convenience for employees working from home. Axis Office offers access to a number of such innovative office photocopiers and multifunction printers as part of our managed print services.

Explore Innovative Print Management Solutions

Ensure your business’s success by keeping up with the newest trends in technology and data security. Axia Office is proud to provide you with a wide range of innovative print management services that support your business’s operations, help reduce costs and protect your valuable data. Contact our team today on 02 9975 0888 to discover how you can benefit from the evolution of print management services.