managed print services

Printing and photocopying are an important part of daily office life; however, they also contribute to excessive costs and wastage in a business. Backed by our 25 years of experience with managed print services, the experts at Axia Office share some easy-to-follow tips on how you can reduce costs and waste in your office and business.

Print in Black and White

Frequent colour printing can be expensive – it uses up more toner and ink, printing in colour uses all 4 toner cartridges not just 1, and colour toners are generally significantly more expensive than black toners. Set your leased photocopier or multifunction printer to automatically print in black and white. This can help reduce your printing costs and ensure that your toner and ink last longer.

Print Double-Sided Copies

Use the double-sided print and copy setting on your printer or leased photocopier to reduce paper wastage as well as costs associated with stocking up on printer paper. Most of the industry leading multifunction printers and photocopiers included in Axia Office’s print management services are equipped with a convenient double-sided print setting.

Reduce Page Margins

By reducing page margins, you can fit more content onto one page and reduce the amount of paper you use. This handy tip, which can be used for your internal documents, can help to significantly reduce paper wastage and drive down your office supplies costs.

Monitor Your Print Usage

Take advantage of managed printing services that include monitoring services for your printer lease and leased photocopiers. Monitoring can help keep track of usage to highlight areas where printer cost and waste can be reduced.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Choose leased photocopiers and printers that suit and support the unique needs of your office. If your office has high volume printing requirements, a high-speed, cost-efficient photocopier or multifunction printer will help streamline your document workflow, use less resources and reduce waste and costs. As part of our print management services, Axia Office provides access to industry leading photocopier and printer technology from several brands including Canon, Sharp and Epson. We also provide personalised recommendations on office equipment based on your needs.

Reduce Costs & Waste with Managed Print Services

Start your journey towards reducing costs and waste in your office today. For reliable office equipment and professional services, explore the affordable managed printing services available at Axia Office. Contact us on 02 9975 0888 to learn more about our print management services.