1. When to Consider Leasing a Photocopier

    A photocopier is the lifeblood of any business, so it’s essential that your office photocopy is as hardworking and reliable as the people using it. In order to avoid an outlay of capital, many businesses opt for a photocopier lease rather than buying the equipment outright. If you’re considering leasing a printer, scroll on to read the essential factors a business should consider before leasing printers for your office.
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  2. A Must-Have Guide to Managed Print Services for Schools and Universities

    Thinking about a Managed Print Services for your education facility, including schools, universities or colleges? As more educational facilities implement digital learning into their curriculum, it's important to recognise the value of printed documents in the educational process.
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  3. Choosing the Right Office Copier/Printer

    Printers and photocopiers are the lifeblood of any business. Whether you’re running an office or working from home (or a little bit of both), you’re inevitably going to need to print a hard copy or scan a document – so it's as convenient as it is professional to have a dependable device like a Canon multifunction printer on hand. 

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  4. Do you know how much you spend on printing?

    Printing can be a big expense for companies, but it’s one that many organisations don’t track closely enough. By understanding the full cost of printing, you can make better decisions about how and what to print, which can save your organisation money in the long run.

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  5. Preventative Maintenance to Extend the Life Cycle of a Photocopier

    A preventative maintenance program is important for the life cycle of a photocopier. It can help to ensure that the machine is running smoothly
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  6. Canon imageRunner ADVANCE DX C5840i: The Premium MFP for Your Business

    Looking for a premium multifunction printer for your business? Canon's imageRunner ADVANCE DX C5840i might be just what you need

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  7. Axia's free Print Health Check & Unlimited Print Plan saves Sydney aged care facility group tens of thousands of dollars and relieves them of printing pain

    How Axia's Free Print Health Check and Unlimited Print Plan saved one of Sydney's largest family-owned Aged Care Facilities
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  8. Free report on how much your business is spending per month on Printing. Get a print health check from our experts.

    A print health check (sometimes referred to as a print audit) is a report that analyses your business's printing habits and costs.
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  9. Easy Ways To Reduce Printing Costs

    It’s no secret that printing costs can quickly add up, especially if you are printing in high volumes. However, there are a number of ways that you can reduce your printing costs

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  10. Making your office environmentally-friendly with used/refurbished photocopiers

    Almost all of us are slowly becoming more conscious of the effect that our actions have on the environment. Most try to combat this by recycling cardboard boxes or plastic bottles, but companies can (and should) also recycle in a way that makes a vast difference

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  11. How long does photocopier likely to last and how to make copier last longer?

    Office photocopiers are essential items of technology in the modern office. These office copiers can also print, scan, send digital images to emails (and fax numbers, if required)

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  12. Best Office Photocopiers for SMBs (Small-Medium) & Large Businesses

    Choosing the right office photocopier for your SMB may seem like a five-minute decision but getting the best solution for your budget and your future business growth, makes it important to consider

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