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Printers and photocopiers are the lifeblood of any business. Whether you’re running an office or working from home (or a little bit of both), you’re inevitably going to need to print a hard copy or scan a document – so it's as convenient as it is professional to have a dependable device like a Canon multifunction printer on hand. Despite the wonders of the digital age, it seems there will always be a need for the hard copy or scanning; so it’s wise to have a reliable printer/copier at your disposal. 

Besides the basic but essential functions of printing, copying and scanning, some machines will also come equipped to handle collating, hole punching, duplex (double-sided) printing, stapling (binding), USB connectivity, and more. It very much depends on what you’re after and what device you purchase. So before you buy, scroll down for a quiz to find out what kind of copier/printer is best for you and your business! 

Types of Photocopiers

Black and White Copiers (Mono Copiers)

There’s no school like the old school, and sometimes you can’t go past a solid black and white printer (also often referred to as a mono printer). If you are absolutely certain your business won’t need colour prints, copies or scans, then there’s no point in paying the extra cost that comes along with full colour printing. Black and white copiers have come a long way since their inception, and a good one can give a modern business game-changing reliability. Please replace image below with a current Canon or Sharp mono copier.

Black and White Copiers (Mono Copiers)

Colour Copiers

There’s a lot to be said for colour printing. If you’re using it for internal purposes, it’s a great way to punch up a presentation and clarify the communication of your missives. And if you need something printed for external eyes, then full colour printing is an effective way to showcase your products and your overall branding. Research shows that marketing material with colour presentation has a higher response rate. High contrast is also a terrific way to ensure that people with low vision can see your presentations.

Colour Copiers

Multifunction Copiers

A multifunction copier (sometimes abbreviated to MFP or MFD) consolidates the functions of a printer, photocopier, and scanner (and sometimes also a fax machine) into one handy, all-purpose machine. If your business requires even two of these functions, then it’s a smart and cost-effective business decision to buy the one multifunction photocopier.

Multifunction Copiers

Wireless Photocopiers

Wireless Photocopiers can use the Wi-Fi network to connect to your computer, phone, or any other Wi-Fi connected device, without the need of cumbersome hard-wired cables. This means you, your entire staff, and even your visiting business associates can effortlessly print at the touch of a button. Many (though not all) modern copiers/printers will have wireless capabilities.

Wireless Photocopiers


Laser Printers

Did you know that a laser printer uses an actual laser to print? It’s a form of electrostatic digital printing that effectively shoots a laser beam back and forth to produce high-quality, sharp black text. Pretty cool, right? It’s also super advantageous if your business needs something printed fast, and/or in bulk. Laser printers can print much more quickly than inkjet printers,and are better equipped to manage high-volume orders. So, if your company has a lot to print, and not much time to print it, laser printing may be the way to go.

Laser Printers

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printing is a kind of computer printing that forms digital images by spraying ink droplets onto the paper. Inkjet printers sometimes do a better job of blending smooth colours than some other varieties of printers, and they can do a great job of printing onto many different types of paper, be it standard, glossy, textured, photo paper or other. They rarely take long to warm up, and they are typically easy to use, and easy to move.

Inkjet Printers Online

The Best Photocopiers & Multifunction Printers for Office Use

Axia Office has a very wide selection of advanced but affordable printers and photocopiers. Scroll down to see some of excellent modern product range below.

The Canon imageCLASS X C1538P

A4 38ppm Colour Laser Print-Only Printer.

A speedy and effective laser printer that can operate by itself or as part of a large fleet of printers, the C1538P printer is low maintenance but still provides all the enhanced printing functions.

Canon imageCLASS X C1538P - A4 38ppm Colour Laser Print-Only Printer

Canon iR-ADV DXC3826

A4/A3 26ppm Colour Laser Multifunction Printer & Scanner

Ideal for any small to midsize business, the Canon iR-ADV DX C3826i is a fast working machine that’s easy to use. Equipped with a 10.1" touch screen, and a duplex scanner of up to 270 ipm, it also comes with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality which allows for searchable PDF, blank page skip, and editable MS Word files.

Canon iR-ADV DXC3826 - A4/A3 26ppm Colour Laser Multifunction Printer & Scanner


Sharp BP-70C31

A4/A3 31ppm Colour Multi-Function Printer

Sharp BP-70C31 - A4/A3 31ppm Colour Multi-Function Printer

With enhanced features and state of the art functionality, the Sharp BP-70C31’s superior performance and easy-to-use functions are just some of the reasons it was awarded with the distinguished Buyers Lab Pace Setter award.

Know more about Which Business Office Photocopier/Printer Brands Is Best?

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Photocopier for You

● Speed

Speed is a very important factor if your business is a fast-paced environment that necessitates a quick turnaround. While many machines are sturdy and dependable, that doesn’t always mean they’re fast - so before deciding on your purchase, you may wish to check that the machine you’re considering is going to be able to keep up with the pace you’re used to.

● Volume

Similarly, just because a machine is fast, doesn’t necessarily mean it can reliably produce a high volume of pages as quickly or as consistently as you’d like. Some machines can do it all, some machines cannot, and depending on your needs and your budget, you may decide you need a warhorse instead of a showpony.

● Scanning Features

The ideal setup for a high-quality scanner is a copier that is linked to a network or multifunctional device as that allows the printer to send the scan straight to your computer or email. This is a great function, especially for people who work in an office. If you require a scanning component for regular tasks, the first thing you should check to see is if it has this feature built-in.

● Multi-Functionality

These days, printers and copiers contain a lot of extra capabilities that aren't strictly necessary, but that nonetheless give the machine a slick and more enjoyable user appearance. These additional features sometimes include document editing, accessibility programs –and some even let you control your printing via your smartphone.

● Manufacturer

An important question you should ask yourself before purchasing is “who makes the product?” You needn’t concern yourself with what the most popular or highest selling brand is, but you may want to give the make and model a quick Google to see if you can find some customer reviews. You’ll also want to ensure the manufacturer is in good legal standing, ideally one that also has a track record of producing reliable products.

● Price

For some companies, this is, rather understandably, the most important factor. Obviously, you’re going to want a machine that can do it all and suits your needs, but ultimately it’s going to have to be something that doesn’t break the budget. Thankfully, there are a lot of inexpensive but serviceable options out there. 

Why Axia?

Axia Office is an Australian owned and operated business that’s been in the game for over 25 years, helping small and medium sized businesses increase t productivity by offering a wide range of top of the line copier/printers and managed print services and solutions. They strive for excellence, and they have built their brand (and their extensive customer base) on loyalty, honesty, and positive client relationships. 


Axia Office is an authorised dealer of a wide range of leading printer brands and multifunction photocopier bands, including Canon, Epson, and Sharp. In addition to selling printers and photocopier machines outright, we also provide affordable printing services, unlimited print plans, and photocopier leases. You can check out various excellent products and services by heading over to the Axia Office website.