When to Consider Leasing a Photocopier

A photocopier is the lifeblood of any business, so it’s essential that your office photocopier is as hardworking and reliable as the people using it. In order to avoid an outlay of capital, many businesses opt for a photocopier lease rather than buying the equipment outright. If you’re considering leasing a printer, scroll on to read the essential factors a business should consider before leasing printers for your office.

  1. Advantages of Renting a Photocopier
  2. Factors to Consider Before Leasing a Printer
  3. The Copier Rental Process
  4. Customer Printer Rental Success Stories
  5. The Bottom Line


1. The Advantages of Renting a Photocopier

Let’s face it, we’re not exactly in cushy economic times, and the upfront costs of office technology can be somewhat costly; so much so that many companies are understandably cautious when investing in new equipment for the office. There is, thankfully, an alternative that provides your business with the necessary printing amenities while minimising your upfront costs. By renting a photocopier, your business is given full photocopier access whilst eliminating the capital cost of buying it outright.

With a rental agreement, you’re also given full access to photocopier maintenance and support. Renting can be ideal for short-term projects or events. This flexibility can help businesses stay competitive and adaptive to the changing needs of the industry.

2. Factors to Consider Before Leasing a Photocopier

Before leasing a printer, it's recommended that you take into consideration several factors in order to ensure that you’re selecting the right copier for your business needs. Such factors include:

Consider Leasing Photocopier


Equipment Needs and Usage

Companies should weigh up the cost of renting versus the cost of ownership when deciding if renting is the right choice. Aspects to consider include the length of the rental term, maintenance costs, and whether the copier meets the business's needs. It’s also recommended that you assess the company’s strategic plans as well as its current use of your existing equipment across your departments in order to consider what’s needed (or not needed) to achieve those goals in the coming year (or years). Identifying such factors can be instrumental in helping you analyse your specific equipment requirements.

Budgeting and Pricing

Purchasing a photocopier can ultimately be a pricey move for a small business - buying an entire fleet of them is obviously even costlier, no matter how big your business is. A more fiscally savvy solution is to lease the equipment, which will allow your business to easily and accurately forecast your budget, build business credit, and standardise your monthly cash flow. The lease or rental price is determined by the machine chosen and the average number of copies made per month. Maintenance and toner delivery can be added to the lease or rental contract. Lease contracts tend to be less expensive than renting on a monthly basis - however, renting is often preferred for short-term contracts when equipment is only needed temporarily. For many businesses, the advantages of renting their photocopier equipment typically outweighs the cost of purchasing it outright; but every business is different, and you’re ultimately advised to do what's right by yours.


Leasing photocopiers has become an attractive option for many businesses due to the flexibility the arrangement provides. Leases typically have a term length that can fit your needs, ranging from as short as 36 months to up to 60 months. At the end of the lease, you have the option to extend it at a discounted price, renew it with upgraded equipment, return the equipment, or buy it out.

Equity Options

If equity is important to you, you should of course be aware that while purchasing a photocopier outright results in your obvious full ownership of it, there is conversely no equity to be had with leasing the machine. However, it’s wise to consider that while owning the photocopier might be a good option for you in the short-term it also means you’re stuck with the one ageing machine; which is fine if it works and it meets all your requirements, but it’s less optimal if your business wishes to upgrade. Leasing provides options for changing needs, including upgrading to new equipment at the end of the lease, extending the lease, or taking ownership of the machine for a nominal cost without penalties.

Managed Print Services

Partnering with a Managed Print Service provider has become an increasingly favour option for business both big and small. An MPS can assess your print needs and recommend the best solutions for your specific requirements, which ultimately frees up your IT team to focus on more productive goals.

A Managed Print Service provider, like Axia Office, can offer the option of including toner and service in the agreed monthly fee.

A Managed Print Agreement offers companies the opportunity to upgrade to newer models or switch to different equipment without having to dispose of old equipment.

MPS providers will monitor your machines so that they can be quickly serviced as soon as needed. This minimises operational downtime, reduces printing costs, and counters worker frustration, thus boosting both productivity and morale. MPS solutions can also offer secure print release, mobile print release, authentication, auditing, and scanning security to ensure your files are safe from cyberattacks. Whether buying, leasing, or renting office equipment, a skilled MPS provider can save your organisation both time and money.

Axia Office also offers flat price agreements (equipment, service & toner) for unlimited colour and mono pages, providing peace of mind.

The Copier Rental Process

3. The Copier Rental Process

Renting a photocopier is a fairly quick and easy process. First things first, you request a rental quote from an MPS, based on your business needs, your location, and what you’re hoping to get from your printing service.

Next, you discuss the terms and conditions of the rental, either via email or in-person, and the supplier will explain the specifications of the machine and service you'll receive.

After you've confirmed your requirements, you'll sign a rental agreement that includes an initial down payment, monthly rental costs for the contract period.

Finally, after signing the agreement and making payment, the supplier will deliver the photocopier to your location and cover all servicing until the contract ends and the machine is returned. It's also recommended to consider a copier maintenance contract for additional support.

4. Customer Printer Rental Success Stories

At Axia Office, we have helped many Australian businesses find the right copier rental solution for their needs. Many of our clients have reported significant cost savings, improved productivity, and reduced downtime since switching to a leased photocopier. Some of our clients working in the medical field adopted an Axia Managed Print Plan which replaced all their equipment with current model Canon devices, including equipment, service, inks and toners. They were happy to report back that the Axia Managed Print Plan reduced their spend by 18%. The Axia Unlimited Print Plan helped these childcare centres save $11,500 per annum. Our free Print Health Check not only saved this Sydney aged care facility a lot of printing grief, but it also saved them tens of thousands of dollars.

5. The Bottom Line

Printer rental solutions can offer many advantages for businesses, including cost savings, flexibility, and rolling access to the latest technology. However, it's important to carefully consider your requirements and choose a leasing company that can provide the right equipment and support. At Axia Office, we offer a range of photocopier leasing plans and financing options to help businesses find the right solution for their needs. We also pack an extensive range of state of the art stock, including Canon, Epson and Sharp Printers. Contact us today to learn more.If you would like a free print health to check the cost of your business photocopiers and multifunction printers, get in touch with us here and one of our account managers will contact you to book in a free consultation.