Axia's free Print Health Check & Unlimited Print Plan saves Sydney aged care facility group tens of thousands of dollars and relieves them of printing pain

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Another recent success story with our new 'Unlimited Print Plan' was a group of 14 Aged Care Facilities in NSW

While conducting a free print health check, Axia discovered they had 111 machines, consisting of 5 different brands and 36 different models.

Axia was successful in decreasing the number of machines, minimising the variety of models, and streamlining the billing and management process for all facilities and the corporate office by providing them with an Unlimited Print Plan.

With our Unlimited Print Plan, there's no cost per page and no fixed volume – allowing you to print as much as you need and to enjoy peace of mind from a predictable monthly bill.

Pain Points:

Excessive and uncontrolled costs

Each facility was deciding on the features and functions required for each print application, leading to numerous unmanaged colour devices with expensive toner replacements. They were each also purchasing non-managed machines & toners themselves whenever they demmed it necessary.

Administrative nightmare

With a fleet of 111 machines, monthly invoices and costs per page needed to be reconciled and paid for the 69 managed machines, while monthly invoices for toner and services needed to be reconciled and paid for the 42 non-managed machines.

IT issues

With a diverse and large number of machines, ranging in age and spanning across 5 brands and 36 different models (which meant 30+ different printer drivers), printing and scanning related issues were a regular occurrence that were added to the workload of an IT department.

Maintenance issues and downtime

Axia quickly identified that the managed machines were serviced on a corrective schedule (break & fix policy, the industry standard), which meant the machines spent days being non-operational while waiting on replacement parts. Often when problems occurred, staff would purchase a new non-managed machine from one of the well-known office supply stores. These devices were of cheaper quality and designed for low-usage or home use, but in an office environment, this meant frequent breakdowns and needing to be replaced within 12-18 months.

Consumable management

Each facility was managing its own supply of toners for the non-managed machines. They often held multiple spares for the various printer models to avoid the risk of running out of toner. In some cases when a non-managed device was replaced after breaking down, the spare toners purchased for that device were not suitable for the new replacement device, resulting in wasted toners and costs.


Review & Analysis:

managed print services sydney

As part of Axia's Free Print Health Check offer:

  • An Axia account manager first sat down with management to find out more about their current and future print and business requirements, as well as review their current equipment, usage and costs.
  • Axia collected monthly meter readings for every machine over a 4-month period.
  • We also did 15 in-person site visits across metropolitan Sydney and greater NSW, assessing each machine's environment and the functions required based on the staff using it and the area where the machine was located.
  • By talking to management and staff, we discovered the pain points for the client and produced a plan to reduce or eliminate them.
  • We provided the client with a comprehensive analysis regarding our findings and the actual cost of running their entire printer fleet on a monthly basis.
  • After reviewing our findings with the client and getting their approval, we created a customised proposal including brand new equipment, finance options and service – all compared to their current costs.

Our Solution:

Our newly released Unlimited Print Plan

  • Axia offered our 'Unlimited Print Plan' – black & white and colour prints are unlimited, with no costs per page to reconcile and no set volumes to monitor. The client now has a single, flat-rate monthly cost and invoice per facility, making it easy to track and forecast print expenditure across the entire business.
  • We reduced the existing fleet of machines, reduced the colour printing options by 60% based on management's guidance, and we narrowed the existing range from 36 models down to 4 (and now they have just 4 printer drivers). The installed machines are also brand new, have the latest features, and are all of the same age.
  • The client now has just 1 point of contact for all service needs, and has all maintenance/repair, parts and labour included in their monthly plan cost.
  • They also now receive preventative maintenance (instead of corrective, the industry standard) to ensure high print quality throughout the life of the equipment, as well as a guaranteed 4-hour completion time to fix any emergency breakdowns.
  • Toner is remotely monitored by Axia and delivered before a replacement is required, eliminating the need for the client to buy and store any inventory.


Reduced client's average monthly spend by:


Saving them approximately:

$66,000 per annum


Traditional photocopier finance plans, such as managed print plans, photocopier rentals and photocopier leases all have their advantages; however, they all share a common disadvantage – inconsistent monthly costs that can easily increase.

Axia’s Unlimited Print Plan resolves this issue – with NO cost per page, and NO fixed or minimum volume, we've eliminated the risk of unexpectedly high bills, giving businesses peace of mind while also making it easier to track & forecast expenses.

Axia Office has been a trusted partner to Australian businesses since 1996. For over 25 years now, we've been helping businesses reduce their print-related costs, increase productivity, and improve their overall user and client experience.

Contact us for a free print health check or to learn more about what we can do for you and your business.

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