To buy or not to buy? If you are running a small to medium business or have just started out on your own, you will eventually come up against this question. Or to be more precise, does it make more sense to purchase a copier or to lease a photocopier? Let’s face it, a good photocopier has always been an essential and integral part of running a business. Even though we live in an increasingly digital and paperless age, the importance of hard copies for printing or copying has not waned.

In this article, we look at the different pros and cons of buying a copier vs leasing a photocopier one from a company like Axia Office. Hopefully, this will help you as you make an informed decision with regards to your own business.

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Buying A Copier- Advantages

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a copier outright is that it pays off financially in the long run. It is also tax deductible and you can write-off the entire cost of the equipment unlike in a lease option, where you can only deduct the monthly lease payments. There is also none of the pain involved in comparing and evaluating different lease plans; it’s your own piece of equipment and you can run it as you please.

Buying A Copier- Disadvantages

The same reasons which make buying a copier an advantage also, ironically, work against the decision. You may save more in the long run while purchasing a copier but that also means, you have to shell out a hefty amount right now in the present. For most businesses, especially those which are starting out, that would involve blocking a considerable amount of working capital. And while there are lesser tax advantages of leasing an office copier, it’s also true that copiers depreciate over time and reselling a 2nd hand copier is much more difficult. You would also need to keep aside a budget for repairs and maintaining the copier which again eats into your operating costs. It’s also not easy to keep buying a new copier to keep up with the latest technological advancements.

Why Leasing A Copier Makes Sense

As mentioned before, leasing a copier takes the pain out of photocopying. A simple lease plan lets you access the best photocopiers in the market at a nominal price. The money saved while leasing can be used in other areas of your business. If you lease from a well-known company like Axia Office you get access to world-class copier brands like Sharp, Canon and Epson among others. You can also rely upon a team of trained and committed maintenance personnel who are available round-the-clock to keep your copier functioning smoothly. Best of all, if you lease a copier, you can keep changing the equipment to suit your growing needs or even, to avail of the newest technology in the marketplace. For most businesses, leasing an office copier thus becomes a win-win situation.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Leasing A Copier?

Most leasing plans are extremely flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs but occasionally you could be stuck with something which doesn’t work out for your business. Either due to restrictions on usage or an inability exit a plan, it could become a liability. It is also true that if you are looking at the long-term picture, leasing is more cost-inefficient, even though it does save you a lot of money in the short run.

Leasing A Copier vs Buying A Copier- What’s The Verdict?

Most business would look at 4 main points while deciding to either buy or lease an office copier: Cost, Convenience, Servicing & Maintenance, Upgrading to Latest Technology. When you look at these factors as a whole, it’s clear that photocopier lease is the better option. It frees up working capital, valuable time and resources, thus allowing companies to focus on their core business rather than get side-tracked in managing the office equipment.

The Axia Advantage

Axia Office has been providing managed print services to businesses in Sydney for 25-years. We are sales and service agents for Canon Copiers, Sharp Copiers and Epson. Our choice of brands ensures you get the best multifunction photocopier printer to meet your exact needs. We also offer a choice of flexible management print plans for businesses which encompass hardware, servicing and toner usage regardless of the number of colour and mono pages printed. We are proudly Australian owned and operated business and understand the local needs better. Through our Make a Difference Program, we give a portion of our profits to our charity partners, Foodbank NSW & ACT and Rural Aid Australia.

One of the advantages of dealing with Axia Office are its people. Our fully trained and qualified service engineers attend comprehensive training for all new products that are released. They deliver quick, reliable, and proactive service that will exceed your expectations.

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