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Although many companies rely on printing equipment due to large printing requirements, very few are likely to commit valuable working capital to purchase high-quality equipment such as a Canon photocopier or a Sharp copier. Fortunately, managed print service providers like Axia Office provide photocopier leasing options that allow customers to avail enterprise level printing capabilities for a reasonable monthly cost. Contact us today for leasing options that include Canon copiers and Sharp multifunction printers.

Benefits of Leasing a Photocopier

Leasing a Canon multifunction printer from Axia Office allows you to enjoy numerous benefits such as: 

  • Leasing a printer allows you to install a high-quality machine for a small, monthly fee without having to commit a large one-time investment to purchase a printer 
  • Choose from a range of Canon copiers and other leading brands to find the printer that suits your needs 
  • Enjoy reliable, high-quality printing at all times with a team of expert technicians who conduct regular preventative maintenance visits. 
  • Remote monitoring of toner, ink and other consumables by a managed print service team means that replacements are delivered on time and before they are required, eliminating the need for you to buy and store any inventory or worry about running out.
  • Photocopier leasing companies provide more than just equipment, they closely monitor print processes, provide workflow analysis and conduct staff training for increased efficiency. 

What to Look for When Leasing a Photocopier 


The first priority is to choose a photocopier that is known for its reliability. A Canon photocopier is ideal for leasing because it has a high reliability rating, consistent print quality and is remarkably easy to repair and service. 


A professional printer leasing company like Axia Office has the experience required to help you choose the printer you need. While reliability and price are important to consider before leasing a copier, it is just as crucial to pick a printer that offers the kind of printing speed your organisation requires. 


Although it might seem tempting to opt for a cheap copier rental option, the decision can prove costly in the long run as low-quality copiers have higher operating costs. A photocopier leasing plan should also include toner, ink, parts and more in the monthly rental fee. 

Canon Multifunction Printer Leasing Options in Sydney NSW 

With over 25 years of industry experience, Axia Office has cemented its place as Sydney’s most innovative managed print solutions company. Contact us today for a wide range of Canon and Sharp copiers, as well as Unlimited Print Plans for large businesses.