business photocopier

Are you a small business with high-volume printing needs? The team at Axia Office is here to help! Whether you are considering purchasing business printers and copiers or working with a managed print services company, our print management tips are sure to help you streamline the process and improve efficiency. Contact Axia Office today for tailored solutions for large scale printing requirements in Sydney.

Prioritise Security 

Multi-function printers are a popular choice among small businesses, but very few realise the threat to document security posed by these machines. 

Hackers often use a commercial copy machine network to gain access to sensitive documents because these networks are typically left unprotected. Hiring a professional print management service will ensure that a team of professionals is always monitoring your print process to spot weaknesses. 

Regular Maintenance of Business Printers and Copiers 

No matter how big or small a company’s print fleet is, there is no denying the severe impact of sudden printer breakdowns. Without regular maintenance checks, a business photocopier is more likely to break down and bring entire print processes to a standstill until the problem is resolved. By working with a printer leasing company or managed print services team like Axia Office, you get access to a team of printer technicians who conduct preventive maintenance to help you avoid costly surprises. 

Consolidate Vendors 

A company’s printer fleet can consist of multiple printer brands, as well as different models for each brand. This generally means different printer drivers, toners and parts for each commercial copy machine, all from different manufacturers and vendors. This requires time, effort and personnel to monitor the printer, address printing and scanning issues, and place orders with various vendors. To streamline this process and make it less labour intensive, Axia Office recommends working directly with a print management specialist who will oversee all aspects of your print process and act as a single vendor by supplying you with all the hardware, consumables and parts you need.

Print Management Solutions for Better Document Security 

Print management for a small business should be about prioritising security, reducing costs and allowing personnel to focus on the company’s goals rather than managing a printing suite. Contact Axia Office today to find out how even a small business can leverage enterprise level print solutions at an affordable cost.