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Whether your organisation relies on a print solutions company for managed services or does its printing in-house, the importance of regular maintenance for printers and copiers cannot be overstated. Regular maintenance is not only the best way to protect your investment, it also ensures that your printer works efficiently and provides the highest quality printing for your documents. At Axia Office, we provide managed print solutions with a dedicated preventive maintenance team to keep your equipment running smoothly. Here are some of the ways in which printer maintenance can save you time and money.

Better Print Quality 

Poorly maintained printers release toner emissions that not only cause unwanted streaks on documents, but also pollute the air in your office. Regular servicing addresses this problem before it becomes serious. 

Reduced Wastage 

Ink and toner are expensive to buy, so a company must ensure that these are being used efficiently by your printer. Printers and copiers that aren’t cleaned regularly use ink and toner inefficiently, which can lead to high printing costs. A managed print solutions company like Axia Office performs regular maintenance to reduce ink and toner wastage. 

Severe Malfunction 

Over time, the amount of wear and tear in a poorly maintained machine can lead to sudden malfunction. This can stop all printing processes and bring your business to a standstill. Printers and copiers have several moving parts, some of which are delicate and become damaged over time. Regular servicing conducted by a print solutions company will allow professionals to check and replace parts so that each print is perfect, every time. 

Reduce Paper Jams

The paper tray of a printer is made up of rollers and grips that are perfectly aligned to help sheets of paper pass through the machine. Damage caused by poor maintenance or low quality toner or ink can jam the tray and cause sheets of paper to get stuck. 

Improve Document Security 

Printers on a network are often under-protected and present a point of entry for cyber criminals. Routine maintenance offered by a print solutions company like Axia Office includes important software updates that boost your security and protect your company from devastating cyber-attacks. 

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