managed print services

A report on data breaches by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner revealed that only 4 out of 10 businesses have taken measures to secure their business printers and copiers. This statistic is cause for concern during a time when breach notifications have increased by 712% and devastating security lapses are commonly reported around the world. 

To help resolve this problem, Axia Office creates customised print management plans for companies that not only streamline printing processes, but also shore up security by reviewing your print environment and implementing security solutions that protect confidential data and prevent unauthorised access to your print network.

Data Security Risks 

Unsecured Document 

Although multi-function printers are extremely convenient, they can pose a security threat because of their built-in memory devices. The internal storage of an MFP helps it to print documents more quickly but could result in a security breach. 

Poor Administrative Security 

If a commercial copy machine requires no authentication to access administrative settings, this can leave a business photocopier network vulnerable since cyber attackers, or even unauthorised users within your organisation, can access sensitive and confidential documents. 

Poor Network Control 

Network printers are easy to compromise with a cyber-attack if the network itself is poorly secured. 

Unencrypted Data Transmissions

When printers are connected to unencrypted networks, stealing unencrypted data is simple as the data sent to a printer is available as clear, readable text.

Improving Security for Business Printers and Copiers 

Axia’s managed print plans come with a number of features such as remote tracking of consumables, preventative maintenance and flexible printing options. However, what sets us apart from other service providers is our uncompromising commitment to document security. We provide customers with products that are equipped with the latest security features, firmware and encryption. 

Some of Axia Office’s security solutions include ensuring that your company’s printers are equipped with strong passwords to keep unauthorised users from logging into your print network, print tracking to see who is printing what, keeping software up to date, and clearing hard drives of shadow data. 

Advanced Security for Commercial Copy Machine

At Axia Office, we offer customised print services that are secure, streamlined and protect confidential documents from cyberattacks. Contact us today to find out how modern printing devices and networks can be secured.