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If your business relies on printing and scanning documents regularly, you may want to consider opting for a commercial photocopier that can handle volume, print quickly and includes reliable customer support. In this blog, Axia Office sheds light on the most important factors to consider before investing in a photocopier.

Essential Photocopier Features to Consider 


Whether you’re considering a Canon multifunction printer or Sharp photocopier, the most important factor to consider is speed. If printing and scanning documents is an essential part of your business workflow, a slow printer can present a serious bottleneck. On the other hand, a fast printer can improve business processes and boost overall productivity. 

Print Volume

Most high-quality printers and Canon copiers are not only fast, they are also programmed to print a large number of pages quickly and consistently. 


A modern Canon photocopier or Sharp printer is capable of more than just printing and scanning. These innovative machines offer users an unprecedented level of flexibility, with numerous network features, excellent user interfaces, document editing capabilities and remote control using an app. 

Value for Money 

Axia Office recommends choosing a photocopier that is known for its low running costs and excellent performance. A cost effective machine is able to print a large number of pages using the least amount of toner or ink and includes a number of eco-friendly features that reduce energy usage. A Canon multifunction printer is a popular choice for small and large businesses who are looking for a machine that more than justifies the investment. 


We are in the age of cyber-attacks, and document security is more important than ever. Secure your organisation by investing in a Canon photocopier or similar manufacturer with encryption and password protection features that prevent sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands. 

Ease of Use 

No matter how attractive the features of a printer are, it has to be easy to use by every member of your organisation. Axia Office recommends choosing a photocopier that is easy to turn on, easy to use, and provides an interface that is hassle-free and simple to understand.

Comprehensive Commercial Printing Solutions in Sydney NSW 

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